Volume for main NSE Stock Indices

Indices from NSE with volume data are now a reality. We value the feedback of our users and are always working to ensure that our platform is the most convenient and informative.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking us questions: "Where do you get this data from?" and "How do you calculate it?" Please, familiarize yourself with the information below.

Up to now, the volume data was not provided for Indian stock indices. Therefore, we decided to implement an independent calculation of volume for two most popular Indian indices - NSE:NIFTY and NSE:BANKNIFTY. We're also planning to cover the rest of the indices over time.

The index volume is calculated based on the sum of the volume of all components of this index, relevant on the date of calculation. If there is a change in the component composition, then the calculation will be based on a new composition.

For daily resolution, index volume equals the sum of daily component volumes. For minute-based resolution, it is the sum of the component volumes for the desired minute. The remaining resolutions are calculated likewise.