Market capitalization

What is the Market cap?

Market capitalization -the total market value of a cryptocurrency circulating supply. A version of Market Capitalization indicator that uses maximum possible supply of the coin, called  Fully Diluted Market Capitalization.

What does “Market capitalization” mean?

Investors use Market capitalization as a measure of the adoption of the cryptocurrency. The size of a company can influence how investors treat a cryptocurrency or cryptoproject, its risk and how it compares to other projects. Cryptocurrencies with larger market capitalization are generally considered to be safer. Due to high volatility in crypto’s prices and market capitalization as well, it is difficult to distinguish the boundaries of market capitalization segments of the coins to classify them as large, medium and small caps, by analogy with stocks. However, large-cap cryptocurrencies are usually referring to those with a market cap of $10 billion and more.

How is “Market capitalization” calculated?

Market Capitalization  = Circulating supply * Price