Drawing tools

With TradingView's drawing tools, you can make notes, add comments, mark trends and patterns, perform measurements and forecasts, and calculate price levels. They are located on the left panel of the chart.

Any tool has style and visibility settings at different timeframes. You can change them in the menu that opens with a double-click or using the “Settings” button on the floating panel. The style can be saved to a template in order to apply it in the future with one click.

For quick access, there is a function to add to favorites. Click on the star icon opposite the desired tools in the dropdown menu, and they will appear on a separate floating panel.

Tools divided into 7 groups:

  1. Trend lines allow you to mark the direction of movement and price levels. These tools are the most used. And most of them have the function of adding text.

  2. Gann and Fibonacci tools. The tools that allow you to automatically build levels based on Fibonacci formulas and Gann theory are collected there. In the settings, you can change the number of levels and adjust the coefficients for their calculation.

  3. Geometric shapes. A set for drawing freehand lines (Brush, Marker, Polyline) or standard geometric shapes.

  4. Annotation tools allow you to add text notes directly to the chart, making technical analysis clearer.

  5. Patterns. A set of standard patterns that allow you to mark the highs and lows, and the distances between them.

  6. Forecasting and measurement tools that can be used to measure chart distances, predict price movement, and evaluate trading positions.

  7. Icons. Take a look at this group to add variety and brilliance to your analysis. Decorative tools, no less important than all the others. This section allows you to add not only icons, but also emoji and even stickers. You can switch a group of objects using the buttons – tabs at the bottom of the menu.

You can learn more about each instrument here.