Promo FAQ

Thousands of traders and investors from all over the world join TradingView every day. To show gratitude to the ever-growing community, we’ve made special offers to users from different countries and states. If you’d like to find out whether there’s an offer available to you, just check your inbox - we send email notifications encouraging you to participate.

Please note that these are local sales, not global. If you haven’t received an email with an offer, and there is no Sale in your region at the moment, do not worry - we have dozens of offers coming your way soon.

Here, we have collected answers to the most popular questions about local sales. 

1. My subscription is still active. Can I take part in the Sale?

Sure, the offer is available to everyone regardless of their current subscription type. 

If you purchase a subscription of the same level you’re currently on, the unused period of your current plan will be converted into extra days and added to a new subscription automatically. 

If you decide to upgrade, we'll convert the unused period of your current plan into extra days on a new tier in accordance with the price ratio and add these  days to the new subscription of a higher level. This means the renewal date will be shifted.

Please note that the offer doesn’t work for subscription downgrading.

2. How does it work?

We offer discounts for one payment only. Your subscription will renew at the regular price. 

3. Where can I find the Sale offers?

Just click on the Get offer/Explore offers button in this email. You will be redirected to the Sale's page and will be able to complete the purchase to extend your plan. All essential info will be there on your screen. 

We strongly recommend you to double-check that you make the purchase on the correct account and haven’t created a duplicate accidentally.

4. Why has the tax amount been added to my subscription?

TradingView, Inc. has been registered for tax purposes in several countries. As of now, we have to collect taxes in the regions indicated in our policy. Please check out this solution to learn more.

5. I have a subscription taken in the mobile app. Can I extend my subscription?

Unfortunately, mobile subscriptions cannot be extended via the app. You can get discount offers only on the website. To be able to participate in the Sale if you have an ongoing in-app subscription, you need to cancel the renewal of your in-app plan first and then purchase the subscription via the web version.