What does TVC stand for in the instrument ticker?

On our platform, you can find instruments with the TVC: prefix. It doesn’t indicate any exchange, but stands for TradingView Charts and means that the data is calculated by TradingView. We take the data for calculations from different sources and after processing, display it on charts for free in real-time.

Symbols under the TVC: prefix are usually CFDs and instruments based on other popular instruments, such as indices and commodities: US dollar index, S&P 500, gold, etc. Even though the charts of the original instruments and the TVC charts look similar, comparing them would be incorrect because they have different data sources.

All available TVC symbols can be found in the symbol search: just type the TVC: prefix in the search field:

If you are interested in indices, select the according tab:

In addition, TradingView provides TVC government bonds from Refinitiv. They can be found on the Bonds tab:

Note that instruments under the TVC: prefix are different from their counterparts from exchanges and other data providers. For example, for TVC:SPX and TVC:DJI instruments we have SP:SPX and DJ:DJI pairs respectively. The charts of these pairs are identical and available for everyone. Still, they differ in that the pages of SP: and DJ: instruments have volume data, i.e. the sum of volumes of their components.