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Jun 082022

Network troubles leaves Elrond in a slump

Elrond’s major decentralized exchange, Maiar, is forced offline due to an exploit, sending the token to yearly lows.

  • Maiar DEX was drained of a reported $113m worth of EGLD (Elrond’s native token). Initially the DEX went down on Sunday due to what Elrond CEO Beniamin Mincu called “suspicious activity” – now it seems, we know the reason why.
  • The attack saw 1.65m EGLD withdrawn through a malicious smart contract that has many peeps scratching their heads. The stolen EGLD was then dumped – over 800k in fact (worth around $54m), which saw the price crater on Maiar DEX to go from $76 to $5.
  • Thankfully, the price of EGLD on other exchanges wasn't as badly affected. That said, it has still fallen nearly 10% this week, and now trades at a price not seen since July 2021. Beniamin Mincu tweeted on Sunday that the folks at Elrond would give an update “soon” to hopefully quell investors’ nerves.
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Jan 122022

Elrond expands the fellowship

Elrond has recruited another member for its journey to the top, and the rest of the team seems to think they fit right in.

  • The token trekked upward by 7.4% on Tuesday to mark its second day in the green for 2022. It closed back up over $200 to somewhat recover from its 17% losses last week.
  • It’s acquiring cryptocurrency payments company Utrust (UTKUSD), and the idea is to together create an alternative to traditional payments networks, which typically take a long time and charge super high commission fees.
  • It’s betting big on Web3 payments, and the pair has plans to create a decentralized payments app called “Merchant Yield”.

Year of #web3payments.


This is how the revolution starts.

Nov 232021

All eyes on Elrond

Altseason is in full swing, and a massive liquidity incentive program from blockchain platform Elrond sends its native token shooting upwards.

  • Elrond’s token is up over 81% in five days to hit record highs.
  • It launched its Maiar DEX DeFi platform on Friday, which represents a massive push in DeFi adoption and came with a $1.29bn liquidity incentive fund to boost usage.
  • It’s possibly the largest incentive program the market has seen to date, and the platform hopes to compete with the likes of UniSwap and SushiSwap.

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