ACC- Lets cement ties with Money

Hi All ,
Rule 1 : No naked put/ call buy /sell

Take any strategy as mentioned below

strategy 1 :
Buy 1600 call 1 lot @ 27
Sell 1640 call 1 lot @ 10

Risk above 17 rs i.e 17*400 = 6800 (You need minimum capital of 1 lakh for this)

strategy 2 :
Buy 1600 call 1 lot@ 27
Buy 1600 put 1 lot@19.5

Risk above is 30% of put /call pair value i.e
30% of 47 approx 15 so total risk is 15*400 = 6000 rs (You need minimum capital of 1 lakh for this)

No over leverage and buy 4 naked call lots, Best way to loose money
Consult your financial adviser before taking trade, options are risky.

Trade closed manually: Strategy 2 guy's
Our put /call pair is trading at 57 nice 10 rs profit .

Screaming EXIT ,exit ,exit.

Profit is our only friend , lets take him home.
Trade closed manually: Strategy 1 guys :

Our was directional strategy with calculated risk , so keep holding , if nifty gives a pullback after 2 days we square off
Comment: Strategy 1 guys your trade must be active and not closed.
Comment: Strategy1 Folks nifty not ready to give pullback , so tomorrow EOD , we will square off @ 1600 call option.
Comment: Strategy 1 Folks i assume you have squared off position on Friday EOD
around 16 rs hit i,e 16*400= 6400 net loss.

Well our risk was calculated . So no worry.
Trade closed: stop reached: Trade for strategy 2 was already close ,
Strategy 1 closed on Friday .
If you haven't closed ,close it on Monday first thing in morning , Free your capital and lets move on to other trades.


hii,, can it reevrse from the current levels .. is it a good buy as it is near its multi year support ../ appreciate if you can update the chart thanks