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In this post, we will be taking a look at some of the most important guidelines we have on our platform when it comes to publishing. By following these pointers, you can be sure that the stage is set for you to post the most creative, alpha-generating trade ideas! Who knows, we may even select your idea for the front page πŸ‘€.

In addition, following these rules will also help keep the site free of spam and low-quality content. Let’s dive in!

βœ… Make ideas understandable

β†’ When publishing content, be sure to include an insightful description and a readable title so that everyone can understand your post. You probably shouldn't propose an idea if it doesn't have any underlying logic.

β†’ The description does not necessarily have to be long. It can be short and crisp, explaining what you want to convey through your chart. That said, the more you write, the easier it will be for people to understand what you’re talking about.

β†’ You can mention several points such as the concept, entry, stop loss, targets, etc. This can help out novice traders in understanding your thought process.

β†’ Do not write the title or description in all capital letters (upper case).

βœ… All content should be ad-free

β†’ Your content should be free from promotions. Any form of advertisements, logos, links, or references to any website, social media, messaging or email contacts, company names, wallet addresses, giveaways, prize contests, or any other kind of announcement or solicitation is not allowed.

β†’ Do not mention your Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, WhatsApp, or any other social handles on the chart, in the description, in the comment section, or in public chatrooms.

⏰ Exception: The only exception to this rule is for Premium subscribers, who are allowed to include links and solicitation ONLY in the Signature field.

βœ… No Fundraising

Any calls for donations or money-related solicitations are prohibited. Please take those requests to other platforms that are intended for such purposes.

βœ… Publish in the same language as the site you're on

β†’ Please be sure to keep to the language of the TradingView subdomain you're on because writing in one language when the audience reads in another is simply a waste of time and effort.

β†’ If you'd like to publish in another language, please change the dialect by going to the language selector at the top bar menu of the screen.

β†’ You can not comment or publish ideas in Hindi on the Indian version as it is specifically an English subdomain. If you use any other language than English, then your ideas will be hidden.

⏰ Exception: The only exception is for scripts. Script titles must be in English, and their description must begin with English, followed by a translation in your preferred language(s).

βœ… Don't plagiarize

β†’ Only share original content that you have created or have rights for. Do not copy or use someone else's work without getting their legal permission or without crediting them.

β†’ The ideas with plagiarized content are deleted and a harsh ban is imposed on the user.

βœ… Don't fight the mods

β†’ Moderators are volunteers doing their best to keep the platform free of violations. Disrespecting moderators can lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account from using any social features.

β†’ Mods are friendly chaps who are there to improve your experience on TV. If you have any complaints or concerns, please send them via private message in a civil manner.

βœ… Don't create duplicate accounts

Use only one account. All fake, spam accounts are banned permanently without any warning.

βœ… Don't try to manipulate the reputation system

β†’ Creation of multiple accounts to comment and like posts on the original account is a violation. A permanent ban will be imposed on the duplicate accounts as soon as they are flagged.

β†’ Do not indulge in any like-for-like or comment-for-comment scheme to increase the reputation points. If any user is caught doing so, a reputation cut will be applied.

βœ… Be respectful

β†’ TradingView has a zero-tolerance policy for contentious political discourse, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory remarks, hate speech, or personal attacks.

β†’ Be respectful, kind, tolerant, and constructive, even when you disagree. There's no room for negativity, swearing, trolling, or conflict.

β†’ Users can flag any spam comment/message by clicking on the small flag in front of the commenter's username. The comment will be moderated and deleted if necessary. You can also contact a mod for the same.

Be sure to check out the complete house rules at this link.

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful!

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