High Breakout Probability Idea in Adani Ports


Adani Ports has given a Very strong Signals of Upside after a very long time.
All Details of Targets and Stoploss are given in the Chart

As Buy Chart Analysis and Option Chain Analysis
720 Is a Very Strong Resistance and we need a good closing above it.
High amount Of CALL unwinding is taking place as of now.

New Traders must Learn the Way Stock Analysis is done.

Note - This Trade is only for educational Purpose we are/would not be responsible for any Profits or loss of yours
So Please Make your Own research too
Comment: Do let me know in comments
How do you all Feel about this
Trade idea
Trade active: Trade Active
We saw a Retracement towards
720 which was major Resistance Has now became Support.

Soon we would see 770 levels
In 1-1.5 week
Comment: Made a high of 732
Gone very close to our first Target.
Closed 5 points above our Buying Price
Stay invested everyone
Trade closed: target reached: 1st Target Done πŸš€πŸ˜Ž
Trade closed: target reached: Adani Ports on Fire πŸ”₯
2nd Target 🎯 Done πŸ€©πŸš€

4% Returns Done
Comment: Everyone do let me know in comments
Did You Trade it or just Saw
Share your Experience about All the Ideas I gave here
And Also tell that on which Stock or learning topic do you all
Want a Idea πŸ’‘
Comment: Adani Ports Running πŸ”₯
Made a high of 765 just
5 points behind our
Final target 🎯

If we get Closing above 770
Then Be ready for 800+ levels
Trade closed: target reached: πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
All Targets Done and Dusted πŸ…

Got More Nearly 7% RoEπŸ₯³

If gives Closing above 765 then
Let's Hold it For Extended Targets 😎
Trade closed: target reached: Adani Ports Continuing the Run ⚑

Made a high 781🀩
1st Extended Target Done πŸ…
Has moved from 720 to 780
Gave Nearly 8.5% ReturnsπŸ†

Everyone Hold for More βœ…
Comment: Safe Traders Should book 30-40% Quantity.
Risky Traders can Hold Full


Hey Mate. Remember me from the Reliance trade? I also entered here in Adani ports and captured 4% :-) however should i reenter if it breaks and closes above 755 at lower time frames and have a target of 800+?

Also idea for Happiest its trying to form an ascending triangle in D chart and a descending triangle at 30m TF and trying to break out of it for a while now.
Yes I remember You man
Hope You booked Reliance today @2300
On Full Target.

Anyways My suggestion is that
You are in Good Profits
Then Why Enter once againπŸ˜…

But Yes If closes Above 755 then Sure it would Run 800+

Well about Happiest Minds
If Closes Above 1475
Then 1535 is Resistance
If takes Rejection then Book there
If Breaks Then Hold for

You can Keep Stoploss of
1412 which is 4.3% on Day Closing basis
gr8ston Arshad_Khatib
@Arshad_Khatib, Thanks Happiest increased 5% in a span of 10 min and i captured all of it. Holding it expecting it to show momentum tomorrow too. I hope i am right here. Thanks for clearing out mate. Appreciated.
No Problem
You can Ask me Any time My friend