Hidden RSI Divergence in AMARAJABAT for Target of 877+

We can see the price making a higher low, whereas at the same time the RSI is making a lower low. This is a bullish continuation pattern where the divergence indicates the end of a temporary retracement in an overall uptrend. This could be a great moment to buy AMARAJABAT for an immediate target of 852 and next to 877+.

Possible Trade:
Buy AMARAJABAT above 835
Stop loss - 825
Target 852 877+
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I am so impressed with your hard and smart work.It seems you are so passionate and innovative about your work and your work literally inspires me especially your chart work.Thank you for sharing.
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Hi ur levels giving more details while entering into the trade and im keep following it if u post a update on next date how u traded with this information. since some are reversing n hitting SL