amber enterprise current trend a view

it is trying to retest its all time high.
it was moving in channel than breaking down ,
it made bottom formation .and now trying to reach
all time time high.
will it make rounding bottom and break out or cup holder pattern??
will it renter in channel and upmove if after breakout ??
will observe .
decide on ur own.
Comment: while going through coal india chart..
which show how a pattern fail and goes in opposite direction..
(just opposite to amber stock chart)
so risk management always necessary.
because if up direction pattern fail it may make double top
and "M" pattern formation
Comment: 3440 to 3566 approaching towards major res level 3666 ..review there
Comment: made in ath level as per chart
Comment: so if fulfill the tech experts criteria of b.o.
consult them.
and sustain ...
800-1000 point upmove level can be seen.
decide on ur own ..
Comment: otherwise retrace /??
Comment: keep eye on it what it going to do