APPCBTC is ready to explode, 75% possible profits

Hello Guys,

lot of alt coins are making bottom and trying to breakout. Got sometime now to do some TA, so posting this for everyone's benefit.

It is my trade and sharing with you all. You can take the trade at your risk.

Price has tested the resistance levels multiple times in last few months. Note : when price test a level multiple times, it gets weak and price tend to breakout.

So trade the breakout (cross of red line).

Entry on breakout

T1 : 2450
T2 : 3700 (75%)

Sl : based on your risk appetite. When the trend line is broken, the setup is invalid. So plan accordingly.


I am freelancer, I share my ideas with my friends in TV. Interested people can take the idea and trade. Post your comments and suggestions, happy to answer.
Trade active
Comment: T1 achieved.
Comment: Watch the redline, if broken down Exit.
Comment: still holding the support zone.
Trade closed manually: Very slow movement. You can exit if not interested.

Closing the call.