How A Complex pattern can affect if you failed to understand

Its simple and still a complex , most amateur tend to buy thinking its going up straight well its not , institutional tend to drive emotions of retail traders then they brake them up in pics before heading towards the original trend target , the same is clearly visible in this script ,
the Question do you understand it ?? , and can you trade according to the complex pattern being formed here now , well if you can understand it you will know when to act and when to sit Quite ,
Decide your self , following some one chart is also very complex , because you need to understand how an professional analyst take note of every move , its not necessary that every move has to be right , but trading in the direction of trend with right entry and right exit is very important
Comment: some one said its made brake out in the pattern i have showed , Guess what ? i have made that indication giving you people hint that its not going up , its going down , what happen today who bought thinking its range brake out , it formed a Doji , You have to understand the difference between emotional trading and trend trading , that is possible only when you understand the direction of the trend on each move ,
Good luck to them who bought today , they may probably sell lesser than what they bought today