Hi traders/investors,
This is really amazing that aurbindo pharma is showing weakness symptoms where as sellers are being trapped. In fact one of my followers requested to clear the picture of this stock . Basically he is short with heavy quantity. I do not know the rate at which , he took positions. So this analysis for you and those who are in similar circumstances . See care fully.

1. Before going to technical part I share which phase is going in this stock. Actually Re-accumulation is going in this script. Means buyers are buying at attractive levels by keeping price in range. So trapping has been done by buyers. It does not mean bears do not play in it. At certain point buyers do not show interest for buying .They give chances to sellers to take price down so that they also get chances to buy at lucrative price again. In short all game is in hands of buyers but they show that both sides are fighting to gain control. Even the best panelist on air say market is in range bulls and bears are struggling to take control. This is not true. The psychology behind this re-accumulation is that which I shared with you all.

2. Now come to technical part. I showed you at volume area that it is decreasing with increasing price. Therefore, volume relationship with price it should come down. But what I feel is this is classic trapping of sellers . Hope has been creating by buyers showing weakness so that sellers start taking good loss in hope trade. As you know the psychology of human being , They stay in losses and left in profit. This is what creating in this scrip.

3. A red channel is created at the top of strong zone showing weakness. By confusing sellers that price will break the red dotted channel lower end and will not take support of strong zone. But here reality is different by trapping more sellers and keeping rest of sellers in hope trade. At certain point boom to upper zone of white color in fig. This is how I Manifested the move of this stock. A illusion is being created of different factors which sellers so that sellers find their positions for entry.

4. Now talk about other side. See a very strong zone and green dotted trend line until and unless this is not taken out structure is in pure up trend.I will leave my long when green dotted trend line is breached.

5. I showed the anticipated movement in white color price will come down to this strong zone and will start its final move to upper white zone. This is the whole scene . Now Dear follower decide your self with your selling price what you want to do. I can be wrong any day any time. For investors this is not the right time to invest in this scrip. Rest price will decide.