Auropharma - How can you miss 790's

Education & Trading Idea

Trading Strategy

Plan A
Buy above 775 for 785-787

Plan B
Sell Below 765 for 755-745-735

No Trade Zone - 765-775 ( Risky Traders - They Can Buy close to 765 with strict stops below 765 for 773-775 & Sell Later in 773-775 for 765 downside with strict stops above 775)

Thanks for watching the video.
Trade active: 09:32 Hrs / 29th March 2019

Last Price@785

Apologies - Moved above 775 for 785-787

I am extremely sorry as an opportunity of buying at 775 & selling at 785 got missed.
Trade active: 10:13 Hrs 29th March 2019

Last Price@800

Day High@802

Important Level 805-806

Buying next only above 805-806 - Else If 805 is intact - selling can be seen next.
Trade active: 11:49 Hrs 29th March 2019

Last Price@790

Keep booking partial profits in between - Look at the fall from 801 to 789

Picture at 10:22 Hrs IST

Picture at 11:30 Hrs IST

Trade active: 13:21 Hrs 29th March 2019

Last Price@785

Another 5 points down keep taking with Intraday Lot & Long term one lot for 770-765- 755
Trade active: 13:34 Hrs 29th March 2019

Last Price@785

Current low@781-782

Divide in 5 points kind of strategy & trade. 780 -another support so it started bounce upside.
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Hope this time gets the mementum to break and close above the barrier around 805-808. ...Regards,.
Great. You keep quite but still your chart and Plans A and B speaks. Regards.
AbhishekHSinghCMT prabakaran62
@prabakaran62, See. 770 was important level -it bounced again & again from 770's & Selling below 803-805 was also suggested in the idea.
Hello Sir,
Any update on Auropharma ?. Waiting for more clarity ?
AbhishekHSinghCMT prabakaran62
@prabakaran62, Sorry was busy. I told you that I am not a trader. I have my job which is important.
Good Call @ 802.
AbhishekHSinghCMT prabakaran62
@prabakaran62, Cheers!
Made a good trade in Auropharma today. Thank you for the post!
@vanathi, Welcome. The Post Has Just Started - Look at the falllllllllllllllll frm 802 to 789 - Wow!