Auropharma - Playing with the channel- Below 808

Auropharma - Playing with the channel

Excited to come up with the video. Let us enjoy the market together. Do let me know your comments. Do take good care of yourself.

11:30 Hrs - 12th Nov 2018

Last Price@812.30

Trading Strategy
Downside Target - 790-794 zone below 808

Going below 790 - Look for 785 -780's target and take rest.

Missed the last update - do check in the profile page or mentioned below

Last Video Update -Price is immortal

Trade active: 12:18 Hrs 12th Nov 2018

Last Price@804

Nice Start - 10 - 12 bucks down from 812-814 zone

Trade active: 15:27 Hrs 12th Nov 2018

Last Price@796

Short Term Target Done 20 Bucks Down as expected from 812-814 zone - Did you enjoy the fall.

Trade active: 06:28 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@796

Good Morning!

Against level of 805 - Auropharma is weak. U.S. markets are in line - S&P is 50 points down - DOW is 600+ points down and red.

Likely opens gap down next opening session.
Trade active: 09:30 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@805

Got 2nd Run downside from 815 highs to 795 - Wow!
Comment: 10:20 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@782

Recent Low@775 good one below 790's - can expect a push upside close to 800-805 zone
Comment: 10:27 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@780

In between these are risky calls - kindly do not attempt only if you can afford lose else
we suggested it can be big downside yesterday only

long term we are open for 675 levels as per last video.
Trade active: 10:30 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@772

I cannot put lot of updates when markets are volatile - just remember 771 was key level last time
+/- 1 -2 points down can always be good support
Trade active: 10:33 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@766

Its trying do all move today only
Trade active: 10:47 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@ 767 - Its a downtrend for Auro - Have a look at previous video "price is immortal" to have some clue.

Trading in futures is always risky -if you can afford to lose then only trade.

Auro has reached another important support in 760 -765 zone

Risky Call - for Risky Traders Only - With Strict Stops below 760 - Can expect upside push to 785-790 zone as 790 is important level which i have suggested that going below 790 - we can expect such deep moves. Please check the video.

Going Below 760 - Can puke more on downside

Do not hurry & have patience whenever you take trade.
Trade active: 11:21 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@762 - Only for Risky Traders

Current Low@759.50 - All analysis done based on spot price

Sooner or later we should get a bounce from close by levels of 760 - as suggested half an hour back at 10:47 Hrs in previous update.

This bounce can take Auro back in same zone 785 -790 which is now very important zone.
Trade active: 11:53 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@ 767

Book small profits at 767 -770 zone or Trail stops below 759 as per spot data - be clear on this- manage your futures accordingly.
Trade active: 12:40 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@765

As suggested short term we are expecting a push to 785 -790 upside - 790 is important level where next round of selling is expected.

In current situation 759 -760 zone have to hold as support - we already got bounces from close by zone of 760

Have patience - Trading involves lot of patience
Trade active: 13:04 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@770

As suggested an hour back at 11:53 Hrs - Book your small profits in 767 -770 zone if taken long from close by zone of 760 levels -in case it is not moving above 770 levels.

Try to enter close to 760 levels only -kindly read all comments to connect with me.

Once it starts moving above 770 on sustained basis means not going below 770 then it will be signal for the expected bounce to 785-790 zone
Trade active: 14:05 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@773

Nice to see a bounce from lower levels of 760's this morning -did lot of struggle before making smooth upside move now.

Nifty Index has also bounced from its day low. Overall its a recovery day

We start the action soon once Auro touches close by zone of 785-790.
Trade active: 15:18 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Last Price@775

Nice Session Bounce in Nifty and Auropharma - Enjoy - We close for the day

Trade active: 15:50 Hrs 13th Nov 2018

Closing Price@775

Top of 780's was kissed in today's session against our expectation of 785 - 790 zone from bottoms of 760's

Planning for Tomorrow -14th Nov 2018

Any chance to sell in 777- 780 zone shall be short term opportunity for 770- 765 targets downside

Plan to buy in 760-765 zone if 759 is intact downside as It may do disco dance tomorrow between 780's to 760 zone
Because it needs to spend some time so next we plan to sell at the top range close by 780's & buy at bottom of the range which 760's -and dance with the market.

Hope you enjoyed today's exciting session as well. I know 1st session was little tough but 2nd half was good.

Do take good care of yourself.
Trade active: 09:50 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@769 - Selling Right at the top from 780's

Good Morning !

Selling Right at the Top -as suggested in the plan yesterday in above comment - shall book somewhere in between 760-765

If 759 -760 zone holds we will dance with the market.
Trade active: 10:03 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@772

We won't buy unless it holds in 760-765 because chances are more that breaking of 759-760 can take Auro more on downside possibly 745 -750 zone.

If it takes support in 760-765 -we will book & plan to buy with strict stops below 759
Trade active: 10:21 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@774

Never Trade in between the move - either sell at the top range or buy at the bottom range which was suggested yesterday in comment
Trade active: 11:42 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price @772

This is 2nd time Auro is falling from tops of 780

1st time from 783 -opening high to 767

2nd time -which is running from 780 highs & trading at 772 - Remember Disco Dance move updated in the trading plan yesterday.
Trade active: 12:44 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@769

Current day low @767 is not broken then we will book profits from 780 to 769 else we will book below 767 in 760 -765 zone
Trade active: 13:29 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@772

Bounced from 766 -767 zone - wow! - Disco Dance !!!
Trade active: 14:34 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price @775

We finished another upside move from lows@ 767 to 776-777 zone - Remember 777 -780 is top range where we always sell - Disco Dance !
Trade active: 14:55 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@782

Moving above 782 we have another resistance 785-790 zone

790 is most important level for selling - better we will sell tomorrow below 780's or close to 785's later or if we get today.
Trade active: 15:06 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@780

We sold right at the top@785 - Wow!
Trade active: 15:22 Hrs 14th Nov 2018

Last Price@784

If you don't want the risk of taking your position home then join tomorrow below 780's
This time if 760-765 zone gets broken -It will move down to next support zone 745-748 which will be our downside target next below 760 but decisive break below 760 only will take the stock to 745-748 zone.

Good Bye. Take Care
Trade active: 09:22 Hrs 15th Nov 2018

Last Price@787

Key Level -785 ----------- Critical Level - 790

Till the Time 790 is intact we will sell close to 790 - No selling trades above 790 mark

Downside Target - 775 - 765 - 760 Below 760 --- Target Zone - 745-748
Trade closed: stop reached: 09:44 Hrs 15th Nov 2018

Last Price@791

Our Critical Level @790 was hit - so we are out of the selling trade at the moment & waiting at sidelines - Next only below 783-785 zone once it starts moving down then we shall take sell call for same targets downside 775 -765- 760 & more on downside once 760 gets broken.
Trade closed: stop reached: 09:48 Hrs - 15th Nov 2018

Last Price@788

Only Risky Traders will take sell below 790 mark. Safe Traders below 783-785 zone as suggested above

Best Regards,
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