A View of Professional , its an Example why you lose your trade

A Professional always looks differently and understands the Main stream of Trend , where as retail tend to take position on smaller time frame thinking it will move and always take loss ,
In order to understand how professionals consider the position in the direction of the trend , this chart could be an example , Initially when price started moving in 2013 Mid of October, that time every one was still bearish , but price started moving , that indicates the Pro have started betting on new Up coming Changes in GOP , and it started reflecting after the 2014 Elections in the same manner pro started selling off the levels because then need discounts to buy back the stock , and they need also an GOP decision in upcoming Elections , and they always maintain time and price in co-ordinate way so that they always win and You Guys have to understand who loses to them
so stay in the direction of trend you can benefit with trend trade
Thats all for now , everything cant be told in 1 Chart , but you should have a sense after an visual representation in the chart
Lets see how it unfolds
Trade active: Short selling trade is really active till 440/412 , I am still looking this as ABC Correction Wave A as impulse and Wave B which is currently forming and its corrective , and then brake of the structure Wave C formation which will be impulsive , Look for Opportunity and Keep booking profits
Comment: and some one messaged me that its Going up and why you are posting as Going down , now the person have understood how professional trade to take money form retail
today i tried asking him where is his buy level , and Guess what he is not found as online ,
I really feel some time how these just talk with out having a sense , some even like kinder-garden kids , they repeat what others say , they never learn how to improve them self , and thats why they keep losing money

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