Bandhan Bank ready to explode? Perfect Fib Setup

0.5 and 0.618 in Fibonacci is a golden zone from where price retraces so here Bandhan bank was following a trendline so to predict that pullback we used fib! We plotted Fibonacci from 165 to 423 (uptrend) and if we observe the reaction to our golden zone we can see it is a very important key zone. It broke out of Falling wedge with a nice breakout with good volumes. Since it gave a nice move after breakout so we need a minor pullback and that can happen if the price retests but 295 fib level is way too far and so I plotted Volume profile . Now it's clear, enter at POC (highest traded line) and that will be our entry point. A logical SL below 265 because what if it retests deep? We need to think like this. Targets are 350, 425 for as long we don't see a reversal in future! Get set go! HAPPY TRADING 💹
Entry only if it retests depending upon the depth i.e. best entry 309 (at POC)
SL below golden fib level i.e. around 250
T1 350
T2 425