Bank Baroda - Bang on Target- Picking the top@191.70

Wow! - One Stock pays for all & patience gives you more than expected- is the lesson which I learnt from markets over 10 years of experience rather than trading in pieces- try to catch big fish which I did & helped community to be a part of the BOB.

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Will BOB bang the ceiling 190-200 ---- 191.70 high updated within the post

15-20 points in 2 way journey

Looking for retracement from 162 highs- got it from 162to 153-154 zone

Bank Baroda 2016 Diary-Updates in Year 2016 lucrative trading setups which turned real.
Comment: 12:11 Hrs 13th Feb2017

Last Price@171.35

Put expiry 23rd Feb2017 - an explosive up move from 9-10 to 18-19. One should run like a thief taking all money especially if one is getting into options.
Trade active: 14:12 Hrs 13th Feb2017

Last Price@170.50

Bank Nifty not looking good for upside - likely has a chances to break downside in that case BankBaroda can target 161-163 Zone next going below 169
Trade active: 08:49 Hrs 15th Feb2017

Last Price@168.80

Its a sideways range for BOB unless it moves above 172 or below 166 - it is not worth trading because it will spend time in the range post sharp fall from 188-190 zone previously.
Going below 166 - likely it will look for the zone 160-162 if holds, then we book profit & wait outside to see market reaction.
Trade active: 11:05 Hrs 16th Feb2017

Last Price@165

Held as expected slightly above 160-162- made recent low@162. 75 - now we wait for the bounce to sell again.
Trade active: 21:32 Hrs 24th Feb2017

Last Price@168

162.75 still intact against -looking for a bounce, which it has started & possible target 175-177 zone where a fall from 190's to 162.75 -it gets retraced by 50% & in earlier sessions 175-177 zone has seen multiple sellings.
Trade active: 18:15 Hrs 1st March2017

Last Price@165

Crossing above 171 likely we get a push to 175-177 zone where we take profits in short term long positions -watch carefully as price slips below 175 later or crosses 180 mark to decide next.

Trade active: 08:55 Hrs 11th Sep2017

Last Price@136.80

This is how we started moving in down from 200 highs -respected the channel above 191 highs close in 200 -210 zone.
The fall becomes history.
Trade active: 19:32 Hrs 15th Oct2017

Last Price@139.55

Can Trump Hold - Bank of Baroda Above 135 - Well Only- Market Knows - what we know as a trader is 135 was the key level when trump got elected as U.S. President in Nov2016 -Market Zoomed upside & BOB came back to 135 exactly one year later in 2017.
So, Below 135 - some more pain could be stored for BOB.
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Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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is it buy now?
@AMBRISH, We still don't have confirmation likely if it crosses 145 mark then we need to check again.
Thanks for sharing this info.
Wonderful bro !!! The best ever Complete chart, I have seen in recent times..
Hi Abhishekji,

Today BOB closed below @169 can it fall to 161? shall i take short on tomorrow for the mention target? Please advise. however bank nifty also looking week.

Kind regards,
Anand Kumar
@Ankumar2016, updated above
Can i short BOB tomorrow and what should be the stop loss if i short BOB at 168.Thanks
@akj91, Won't suggest to enter in between either you wait for a bounce in the zone 177-180 to sell or sorry you missed the opportunity at the top.
sir can i do this with jet airways means option instead of trading in stocks can i do it with options is it the same that is if price goes up in stocks will it move in options also pls carify