TGT of 30400 hit! Now some correction into ichicloud

Ppl didn't trust me when I was gunning for 30400-500 area from Muhurat day, but now BNF has done it and done it in style on expiry. Trapping many shorters, I hope at least those who followed had some profits. Anyways, thats not the point now, whats next? I expect it to correct till cloud and then bounce back, remember that it is expectation and it may also decide to brk cloud and go down, important thing is to stay on right side of the trend for us.

We have closed longs today, due to both tgts hitting and expiry, there aren't yet plans to build new longs as of now for positional, we are waiting for good retrenchment, which we will see till cloud which is shown in chart. Regards :)