Bank Nifty Options 21 Jan 2020

As discussed Bank Nifty came crashing down from our resistance levels , broke day support , broke extension support and closed at day low. I updated all this in my social media platforms, however I am dejected to see that some of you still trade on biases and buy calls or go long against my projection. So , you have nobody to blame except yourself.

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Decision Range

Support for the day

Resistance for the day

Range trading , last hour sharp upmove
My trade
I'll try to short puts near support
Real time update
Will try to update on social media platforms if possible

Trade active: ideas updated on platforms , sold 31000 pe @ 250
Trade closed manually: closed @ 195
Whatsapp contact +46 700319761 ,telegram @bigbearhammer , public telegram link


Will banknifty give sharp move upward tommorow 21 Jan
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Bigbear2022 slsharmasikar
@slsharmasikar I am counting on late afternoon reversal , let’s see how it goes , will update real time in channel
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slsharmasikar Bigbear2022
@Bigbear2022, Me to same lets see it shoul move up
Very Good Analysis Sir, Sent you an email also. Thanks much for providing your analysis.
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You are great....master of watching your analysis from last 2 months impressing...
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Thanks your predictions helped.
Tomorrow can we expect a sharp up move early in the morning???
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Again your words proved to be golddust. :)
Thanks....As of now i am doing paper trading to gain confidence in share market as i am relative new on this front.
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Bigbear2022 skarjolly
@skarjolly, Yeah great , social media channel ROI was staggering 127% today, good that everyone is making good money
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skarjolly Bigbear2022
@Bigbear2022, Quite an interesting number but where to track this :)
Bigbear2022 skarjolly
@skarjolly, you can mail us for details