BANKNIFTY: At a Glance Weekly & Intra(01/05/18) FUT+ Weekly Spot

...... Spot & Future Intraday, future Weekly Levels plotted & mentioned on chart.
Possibility to FILL Bearish GAP at 26364. 05 - 26215.10 Formed on 05 /02/18.

Crucial level Near 25789, If crossed & stay for 15 - 30 min. 26400 level can't be ruled out.
Though Published in "EDUCATIONl" section, but for swing Trade I am Bullish .

Trade as per Specified level with description.
FUTURE Trader Should take position with Hedge strategy.

Disclaimer: Take this information as study/education purpose only.
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For taking trade decision Consult with your Financial Advisor.

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