BankNifty Intraday view for 16-08-2021

Good evening all,

I am going to stick my neck out to optimistically be 'long' here. If not that, 36250 - 36000 is the range where it'll be. 36320 is a strong resistance level that has been tested 2wice before. We need that to break and then we will fly to the moon and back. As you can see, short is tricky.

Long side view:
Buy above 36230
Target 1 - 36275
Target 2 - 36320
Target 3 - 36420
(Long SL - 36115)
Short side view:
Sell below 35990
Target 1 - 35935
Target 2 - 35870
Target 3 - 35800
(Short SL - 36115)

*** This is a view and not necessarily a trade recommendation ***
However, If you like my idea..., do spread the word.
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Good Analysis.. But I suggest you to give some guidance to the people who works on options and try to give them the strike price buy & sell.
ChartMantra RajParekh2016
@RajParekh2016, Tricky that.... Options buying or selling. For buying, you need momentum which is currently lacking. Selling is easier now as theta works in your favour.