Bhel Looks Portfolio Stock Because
• Positive Divergence ( RSI )
• Timing wise already consumed 12 years which is more than 7-8 years rally from bottoms of 11 to 390-400 zone going into 2007-2008 Financial Crisis Period
• Key Reversal Candle from lows of 40’s is confirmed recently.

Short term Trading Strategy

Plan A -
Buy above 61 for 77-80 Target zone

Plan B –
Sell below 55 for 49-50 / If holds below 48-49 can slip further downside to 45

Thanks for watching the video & your support.

Trade active: 12:05 Hrs/4th Nov 2019

Nifty Index Update

Last Price @ 11910

Slipped from the tops 11980's. Already updated be careful at tops! Key support 11880-11900/critical 11850, which can hold & push index upside if any upside is left Else any sustained move below key support & later below critical level 11850 should be the warning bell. Thanks
Trade active: 14:58 Hrs / 4th Nov 2019

Last Price@11953

It's a century for the day!!!

Index got support close to 11880-11900 - Low for the day @11905-11906 - As expected it pushed upside & trading at 11950+

First fall close from 11980's to 11900 & Buying close from 11900's.
Trade active: 15:11 Hrs / 4th Nov 2019

Last Price@11933

Be careful at 11950's -Holding below -It can do all the job in fast & furious mode again. You won't even realize that your floor on which you have been standing has slipped!!! Going below 11900 which is psychological level.
Trade active: 09:32 Hrs / 5th Nov 2019

Last Price@11918

I have already warned to be careful on tops close to 11980!!!

Downside Target shall be 11880-11900 & below 11880 /11850 - 11800 & 11785 as updated yesterday as well to be careful below 11950. Thanks
Trade active: 10:50 Hrs / 5th Nov 2019

Last Price@11952

Above 11950 - You should be out of all sell trades moving above 11950. Only below 11950 -Sell is suggested or Sell close to 11980-12000 - No selling at all above 12000 levels
Kindly understand Trading zones.
Trade active: 11:49 Hrs / 5th Nov 2019

Last Price @ 11921

Nifty Index Update

1st target close to 11900. If fails to go below 11900 -Traders can plan for short term long positions for upside target 11950 & 11980-12000 & Later Sell if holds below 12000 level.
Trade active: 13:41 Hrs / 5th Nov 2019

Last Price@11890

Recent low @11861

2nd downside objective or target done as suggested Below 11880 - It is 11850 !!! Taking a pause or mid day break!!!
Trade active: 14:09 Hrs / 5th Nov 2019

Last price @ 11890

Index Update

If fails to cross 11890-11905 resistance zone which acted as support zone in morning session. That is clue no- 1 for selling later & clue no-2 which confirms selling is below 11861 -day low

Hope you have wonderful day ahead. Thanks for all support.
Trade active: 13:23 Hrs / 6th Nov 2019

Last Price- 11967

Nifty Index Update

Can You expect anything better than selling at 11980 & Buying at 11850-11860 as zones mentioned several times. Going beyond shall decide next!!!
Trade closed manually: 14:35 Hrs / 6th Nov 2019

Last Price- 11987

Nifty Index - Last update

Finally - Bulls have made too far from 10670 lows which was entered just one day before FM's crucial meet was to happen & Nifty was unable to hold 10700!!!- still it was suggested to go long for 10840-11850 & 10900 -Later 10900+

What happened was amazing!!!

Current Scenario -

Even though Index crossed 12K after long time. Long positions would be suggested only if it holds above 12K else it will be touch & drop scenario!!!

Thanks & Have a wonderful day. Regards

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