Stop and Run, 0xREV, TrapTheory

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Let us deep dive into all the reasons why these levels mentioned above needs to be considered in taking the next trade.

Used OI, CVD, BidAsk candle using ATAS.

1&2:Explains why should we wait for trades to come to us
As you can see 1 did not work as expected, but 2 gave us a good rejection. Lets look deep into the Bid ask candle and OI at these levels
the 618 did not give us a good confirmation, that was evident on the bid ask OI and cvd.
786 on the other hand look how the OI crashed with 0 ask and cvd spiking out.

3: Did not work as expected but..

Now for BId ask candle see there are 0 ask on the level, we had good divs at the level maybe thats the reason for a small move down.

4 & 5:

see the levels and how price reacted, lets look into 886 first,
we had everything lined out for us trapped longs, OI cash and CVD spike. Unfortunatly this would have been a small scalp and nothing more as price came out to take the SFP level.
this is how perfectly the levels payed an important role in trapping the breakout traders, never should you be on the side of breakout trades as this is how they get annihilated, 0 ask and all buyers at that peak, market reversed by taking all the liquidity, see the POC of that candle there is no way this was flawed everything was brilliant. RIP breakout bois.

unfortunately i deleted the whole idea before saving, so this is a quick explanation of what i had in mind and how traders are stopped out and majority are in loss.

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