BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis April 27

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Only 30 Min chart ,
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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for April 27.

Bitcoin 30 minute chart.
I marked the main sections with black fingers.

For details of the restoration, please refer to the comments at the bottom of the analysis on April 26th.
It has been detailed.

Yesterday, the Nasdaq sky blue support level
All the focus, but the support line is broken,
Bitcoin followed suit, breaking the green support line

You are walking sideways in an awkward spot.
It broke the green support line, so I made a stop loss.

Those who operated a short position on the red arrow movement path
I think you made about 1400 dollars in profit.

Nasdaq analysis is very difficult these days.
Nasdaq is also struggling.
Substituting even the beats is indescribable.

We will not give up and will run hard today.

I also brought a special Nasdaq chart today.

Nasdaq 4 hour chart.

Approximate Top Price of the Day Bottom Price Check

It should be raised to the level indicated at the minimum and maximum points.
I think it would be good to see it as a jinban light.

If pushed down,
Below the bottom, leave the bottom tail up to the support line.
may go down.

around the green support line
Check the red up/light blue down movement path
I made today's trading strategy.

Bitcoin 4 hour chart.

We focused on the Nasdaq movement as 1:1 as possible.

Approximate top price, bottom price check

Up to the last support line of the highest section/lowest section
I marked

Check the red upward / sky blue downward movement path centered on the purple support line

I made today's trading strategy.

This is a 30-minute chart one-way long position strategy.

It is going both ways
At war with the Nasdaq ,I'm trying my best to get the lowest

Overall, it's a powerful position.
We focused on the up-ward finish without any adjustments.

Like Bitcoin, the Nasdaq fell less yesterday.

The highest point according to today's movement
If it doesn't connect with the high-point advance light tomorrow, there's a good chance it'll probably go down again.

If you touch the bottom first
Please note that it may be connected to the Jinban light depending on the situation.

A clumsy rebound could eventually lead to a strong correction again.
Keep an eye out for Nasdaq movements.

* When the red arrow moves

long position strategy

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

Because there is a high possibility that there will be an upward movement without adjustment as a whole.
I focused only on long positions.

In case of falling from the current position,
It can be connected to the purple finger

Because Bitcoin follows Nasdaq regardless of pattern or signal.
Please watch the Nasdaq move.

Personally, I use the MT4 app.
It is convenient to set US100 and NASDAQ and refer to it in real time.

1) 38610.5 long position entry section / Stop loss price when the purple support line is broken

The final target will be the Top price,
Following the Nasdaq movement, short positions after liquidation also look good.

It's Wednesday with no significant indicator announcement today.
The capricious Nasdaq could be suddenly connected with a tremor.

It seems advantageous to support the form from the bottom with the stop loss correction.

For those who catch shorts, stop loss is mandatory.
Hope you run

If only the purple support line does not break today

Minor alt + major altcoins seem to rebound moderately.

A further decline may be connected after tomorrow.
please be careful

I think it took about 4 hours and 30 minutes to analyze like this today.

My analysis is for reference only.

Principle trading / stop loss is essential, I hope that you operate safely.

thank you.

Trade closed: target reached:

It's a Bitcoin guide.

We will check the movement after writing the analysis on April 28th.

This is the Nasdaq 30-minute chart.

I marked the main sections with black fingers,

Within the orange resistance/green support level.
The extreme sidewalk has been completed.

Going sideways, they failed to touch for BB 4 hour center line.

As a standard of decline, 30 minutes of Red cloude is kept thin /
Strong drop possibility before touching the center line for 4 hours

rising case , 6 hour MACD Golden Cross
in progress,

Please note that the point of view is the same as yesterday.

Bitcoin 30 minute chart.

I marked the main sections with black fingers.

As the Nasdaq moves sideways
The wave came late.

the marked area
* $39266 short to $38610.5 long switching
$ 667/ $ 1108 round-trip, $ 1800 round trip profit section

I'm riding on the purple support line, and I'm traversing right.
Of course, the Nasdaq movement seems to be important.

Let's take a closer look at the whole thing.

thank you.

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