BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis April 22

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Only 30 Min chart ,
In real time, you can check major sections and move,
Real-time "update I dea" can be checked.

I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for April 22.

After writing the analysis on April 21st
Bitcoin move.

More details are provided in the comments below.

I marked the main sections with black fingers,

Personally, I think yesterday's strategy was perfect.
I think the final problem is the Nasdaq.

Best for long -> short switching
A round-trip profit section of about $1600.
It's an ambiguous decision, so this was also done manually.

Just following the Nasdaq,
It fell below the Bottom without even the slightest rebound.

here's the fun part
There was a movement that could not come out in a normal pattern,

falling in a short time
You have reached the major rebound section of the 4-hour chart.

The shape of the support line was also great and nice,
From the current situation to the Nasdaq movement
It will be interesting to see how the direction will come out.

According to the Nasdaq pattern, a rebound period.
collapsed on the chart
The bit to watch is the major rebound period.

In fact, bit analysis is meaningless
Declare war on Nasdaq.

I'll check it all out and see you later.

4 hour chart

Today's approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed.

Based on the Nasdaq standard, it is a touch of the support line on the 4-hour chart.
Nasdaq pattern completed, it is a place where you can upload as it is without adjustment
Conversely, the lower part is wide open when leaving.

The NASDAQ futures market closes at 3pm today.
Please note that there is a high possibility of sidewalking.

Bitcoin arrived neatly at the major support line.
Because it fell strongly without a rebound

Only the 30 minute / 1 hour chart is a thin phoneme.

Most of the main sections are positive /
Located on the 12-hour peak central line candle / until the daily peak Golden Cross waiting

If only the Nasdaq was supported without adjustment
A good move is likely to come out of Bitcoin.

Instead, it breaks the low again or breaks out.

Please refer to the bottom price.
Unless there is a vertical drop
6 hours 12 hours The shape of the support line becomes a supportive shape.

I made today's trading strategy with the above contents.

This is a 30-minute chart one-way long position strategy.

It's a two-way neutral strategy.
Since we have declared war on Nasdaq, we are going to focus only on long.

The Nasdaq is also wide open on the downside.
'Cause it keeps going down

However, please be sure to note the blue finger section.

The top price and bottom price have been partially changed.
A bright sky blue parallel line has been newly created.

A purple parallel line can be a lifeline in a way.
Please note that a strong trend may emerge when a breakout or breakout occurs.

Rather than a strong rise today, I did not adjust to the right.
It is a strategy for a movement that continues to raise without a place to enter.
Nasdaq closes at 3pm

I've even included this part.

It failed to break through the 4-hour resistance level and came back down.
The short-term pattern proceeds the same.

Short position operation section
30 minute resistance line -> 1 hour before and after touch resistance line -> 4 hour center line -> 4 hour resistance line

check it out

* When the red arrow moves

One-Way Long Position Strategy

1) $40739 Long position entry section / Stop loss when breaking the green support line, the final target is $42611.5
After 3 o'clock, Nasdaq's whims disappear,
Moderately follow the trend by correcting the stop loss

All you need to do is not break below the green support line by the weekend.

If you succeed today

It is a condition for a strong rise as much as a sudden drop due to the Nasdaq.

4 hour support line major rebound section -> 30 minutes + 1 hour in thin phonological basis

The final target is not the 4-hour centerline,
4 hour resistance.

Please note

Principle trading / Stop loss is essential, I hope you run it safely.

Have a good weekend

thank you.

Order cancelled:

Bitcoin guide.

After writing the analysis on April 22, I will check the movement.

This is the Nasdaq 30-minute chart.

Goes sideways and creates a downward wave
finish after the decline.

The pink support line is being damaged.

If this section is broken, the lower part is wide open.

There is no proper support line.

Bitcoin 30 minute chart.

The strategy and details were explained in the video.
Following Nasdaq, light blue finger movement path selected
/ Finish after going sideways to the right.

The sky blue support line is damaged.

It was a strategy for the upside after touching upwards.
Because it broke the purple support line without a wave
The strategy failed / There were no entries, so I canceled it.

On the Nasdaq basis, except for the monthly support level,
Because there is no proper support line.
In the long run, it seems to be prepared for a decline.

Nasdaq Rebound -> After raising the resistance level on the 4-hour chart
I have to go up one more time.
Bitcoin seems to be on a downtrend as well.

Overall, things don't look good.

For the time being, a two-way investment focused on shorts seems advantageous.
Because the beat has to rise anyway
in each position,

Two-way investment, Bitcoin <-> Tether exchange, leverage adjustment, etc.
I hope you are doing well in crisis management.

I'll take a look at it in its entirety.

See you later.

thank you.

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