Bitcoin #BTCUSD - Hudson, we have a move!

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The BTCUSD price rebounded from the local support level at $ 7,500 and broken through the local resistance at $ 8,600, a move that was just over $ 1,100 in price. The growth charaster is impulsive so that it is possible to mark this movement as the wave 1.
Confirmation of the hole at $ 7,500 will be breaking the level of $ 10,000.
Comment: The price has stopped under the technical resistance at the level $9,120 - $9,265 and currently is consolidating in this zone. The next impulse wave must go higher towards the level of $10k if the bullish rally is to be sustained.
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It's "Houston", not "Hudson".
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percyb roman_akyuz
@roman_akyuz, not if you're a big fan of Henry and/or his river and valley
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KingBennon roman_akyuz
@roman_akyuz, Houston is for rockets, Hudson is for BTC.
Kinda like Hold and HODL
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Thanks. Do you have a bearish count as well?
Thanks for sharing this chart
Thank you for the nice chart!