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Hi all !!

Good day!

I have been posting to warn the retail investors foreseeing the risks in the markets. Here is BITCOIN for you.

I have plotted how the BTC market could choose to behave over the period of time where no-one can predict.
But I believe the downside target is between 750 - 1150 USD. With this target, I have tried different patterns and waves.

And, the one in the chart perfectly fits my downside target.

Peak Price: 20,000
Current Price: 5,060
Price Fall Target: 750 - 1150

I wish this shouldn't happen. Yet, i can't deny the fact what i see in the chart.

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Legal disclaimer:
I am not a financial adviser. The advice here given is not a financial advice even though my excitement might make it look like such. When I say: "Buy/Sell now!" or "Do's and Don'ts" or something like that — it is my personal opinion. I do what I believe is right and at the end of the day I am just a person, not an expert. You trade at your own risk and nobody can guarantee you results. I post because I care.