BITCOIN's Gonna Make Everyone Think , Its Gonna Crash to 20/30K

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As you can in the chart I published, there is a lot of confluences around 47.2 to 49.5K

# Just imagine, whole world expects BTC to cross 100k,it will be a huge mile stone in history. As its gonna bring everyone attention to BTC (crytpocurrency) from East to West.

# For BTC to cross 100k, it needs a hell of volume. At present, u can see there is a declining volume from May. There are lot of whales waiting around 47k to 52k with some great patience. That's the liquidity BTC needs to pick to cross the ocean of 100k. For that, we need atleast 25 -33% correction from 69k top.

# Mark my words, once btc taps the liquidity of 47k to 52k, its gonna go parabolic. its gonna pierce each and every resistance.

# But before that, its gonna make everyone heavily bearish, and many are gonna heavily take short positions which is a additional bonus for the btc liquidity.

# Don't just fomo, if btc just suddenly gains 3 - 5 %, its all just a fakeout to tap the liquidity to go down to 47k to 52k. 50k is a very big psychological level, there is a lot of liquidity around that level.

# Money always flows from the impatience to patience. # Master Patience.

Technical Analysis Confluences.

1. VAH from the bottom of may correction

2. Anchored VWAP from sep bottom

3. ABC correction /21 week EMA

4. 0.5 fib from July bottom and 0.66 fib from Sep bottom.

5. Trendline from May bottom & Trendline from March 2020 touching May bottom on log scale.

Just put all these in your cahrts, and see, how beautiful all these magical confluences are!

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