Bitcoin 1 day analysis 2-27-2021

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Good morning again ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to my daily look into the world of Bitcoin. Today I have the daily time frame pulled up as it is really doing well with my trading set up at the moment (50 MA, 200 MA, Cloud) The bears have made their presence known once again as the candles dropped from roughly 60k to 45k in a matter of days. I know that this price movement may be scary to you noobs but this is actually quite common with BTC. Anyways lets take a look at the charts.

We are currently cruising along right above some key support that really needs to hold if we expect this run to stay alive. The 4hr 50 MA was lost over this week and that is bearish in itself. But the daily is the real deal in my opinion and as long as we remain above the daily 50 MA there is hope for a pivot. But that doesnt mean you should depend on a pivot. Rather set a stop loss and hope for the best while preparing for the worst. If this daily 50 MA holds we have a real shot at a decent long.

So currently there is a lot of support between 42k and 45k. This could keep confidence high enough to keep the bull market alive. I would be even more confident if we make it to Monday above 45k. Weekends are known for lower volume (not always but more often than not) so Im not expecting too much. But I will be ready for anything and everything. Being a trader there is no other way to do it. Stay on top of them charts or you will get REKT.

Nothing goes straight up forever. Even if the bull market does continue after the recent dump from nearly 60k, that does not mean corrections wont be on the chart as well. Its the very nature of a cyclical market. If you truly believe in Bitcoin long term the recent 20%-25% drop we saw should not bother you. Even if you did buy at 58k. Yes you do hold the heavy bags at the moment but I was you 3 years ago. Buying at 18k and watching the profit dwindle into actual losses. I lost even more chasing alts. Really I was buying into the pumps. Not before the pumps. Which means I was left holding bags while early investors sold. But that is the nature of the beast. Gotta learn to earn and sometimes that means getting burned.

I see the 4hr 50 MA (I know this is the daily chart but I drew the 4hr 50 MA for your convenience) is the current line in the sand for the bulls. If we can retake that 4hr 50 MA that could be the start of another pump. Of course only time will tell. We got rejected already one time this week trying to retake the 4hr 50 MA. But not all hope is lost yet as we still managed to hold onto 45k as support. That coupled with the fact we are above the 50 MA on the daily shows there is still hope. Although I would not enter a long without a strict stop loss. I hope you all have a great weekend and make smart choices folks! WTFDIK???

TLDR: 42k - 45k shows promise as strong support. 4hr 50 MA (green line) is (IMO) what we need to conquer to keep the bull run moving.

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