Bitcoin 4hr analysis 1-17-2021

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Well good morning again ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to my daily blab about Bitcoin and Bitcoin accessories. (King of the Hill reference) Today I have the 4hr time frame pulled up... I know its a huge surprise. I like the 4hr though guys. It is just my speed. I know every trader is different and I guess I will toss in another time frame sooner or later. But I just feel the 4hr is quite telling at this point in time and more helpful than most other time frames for my trading style. Anyways enough about me. We are here to talk about Bitcoin so lets chat about the charts.

I drew the "ricochets" the candles have been experiencing over the ATH and subsequent consolidation after the ATH (ATH stands for all time high (whichis nearly 42k) for all you noobs reading this) This pattern is all too common in crypto and most other investment opportunities. Identifying patterns like this early allows you to earn more from trading them. If you simply bought when the bottom support of said pattern was touched and sold only when we touched the top you would be making a killing. You could literally buy a lambo just trading a pattern like this.

Patterns like this are fleeting folks. That is why identifying them early is crucial. Otherwise you will make much less. I know its not rocket science what I am trying to explain and many of you vets reading this are rolling your eyes but I speak with noobs every single day and this info will help them a lot. You can also see many instances within the giant triangle pattern I have drawn on the charts. Instances where we bounced without necessarily making it all the way to the bottom of the pattern. That happens. There are numerous indicators within this triangle that can provide support or resistance depending on where the candles are located. With that in mind we can bounce off these indicators within the pattern itself as well and traders that take advantage of most bounces will make the most money (if they play their cards right that is)

Catching each and every bounce requires unlimited patience and unlimited time to sit in front of a cpu all day. Every day. I dont like doing that. Dont get me wrong... I love Bitcoin. I love trading. I love writing theses analysis' I write every day for you guys and gals. But I also love to do other stuff as well. Life is about being happy and I use trading to supplement my income. Im not rich. I hope to be one day. Right now Im just like most of you. Still learning. But I have learned a lot since I began. I remember when I had no clue what an MA was. Now I have a trading course with quite a few clients and I have been #1 Bitcoin analyst on Tradingview numerous times. Not too shabby for someone that has been doing this for less than 2 years.

The way the pattern on the chart looks and the way the weekend tends to have a dip in volume (when compared to weekly volume levels) we may see more dump today folks. I hate to say it. There is bad news and good news though. The bad news is the weekend isnt over tomorrow in the US. Its Martin Luther King Jr day tomorrow so Im certain the CME will be closed and likely we will not see the gap til tuesday. So I guess there is no good news yet. The bad news is I think I see a head and shoulders on the chart. We havent seen the dip so I very well could be wrong. The way I see it is it does no good to argue about such things. Instead of debating the legitamacy of the H&S (head and shoulders) I always say prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Set a stop loss and that will be your back up parachute in case the trade doesnt go your way. Let the market decide. If the majority of traders see a H&S they will react to it and we will see a dip. If the majority disagree with this they wont play it and the dip will be minimal at best. Ive seen clear H&S not play out in terms of a dip after the fact so not every h&s are created equal folks.

We are still holding onto 30k+ and in my book that is a win. The way I see it we will consolidate for most of January and towards the end of the month we should see the result of this big triangle I keep bringing up. The US is discussing stimulus money very soon and that could cause a rise in volume while the mass printing of USD will ultimately cause inflation causing BTC to go up in terms of USD. Because people are buying BTC with the disposable income along with the fact the very currency BTC is tied to (not 100% of the time but there is no denying the US is a big part of the financial eco system of this planet and Bitcoin) These are issues that are not necessarily on the chart but they are still something any and every analyst needs to take notice of. Inflation of the USD will cause BTC to rise. I am confident that this is the start. If printing continues we could see 6 figure BTC sooner than people think.

Im not a financial expert folks. This analysis is my opinion and you can take it or leave it. You should not make any financial moves based on my opinions alone and do some research and learn how to make your own financial decisions. It is much more rewarding to make your own moves based on your own ideas. But I will always make these analysis for those that dont trade and those that just like to read it. I know it gets long at times but I have a big mouth so I have to let it out somewhere. I hope you all have a great Sunday and make good choice my friends. And always remember WTFDIK?????

TLDR: Bouncing around inside this triangle. Right now the 4r cloud is holding the candles but the candles are getting heavy. We may test the bottom of that big triangle before the weekly close in 10 hours.


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