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Cheers to all traders out there!

Today we are kicking off our OKXIDEAS Trade Ideas contest!
All you need to do is publish a trading idea with the tag "OKXIDEAS" and make it go viral!

The top 10 best and most popular submissions will share a 13 ETH Prize Pool + Trading View Premium plans + OKX Product Partnership Wildcards!

1st Prize
1 year TradingView Premium Plan
OKX Product Partnership Wildcard, giving you the exclusive privilege to have your future ideas published on the OKX Ideas feed, a chance for an appearance on the Web3 Breakdowns Podcast, prefunded trading accounts, OKX swag and more.

2nd - 3rd Prize
2 ETH each
6-month TradingView Premium Plan
Get shortlisted for a Product Partnership Wildcard

4th - 5th Prize
1 ETH each
6-month TradingView Pro Plus Plan
Get shortlisted for a Product Partnership Wildcard

6th - 10th Prize
1 ETH each
6-month TradingView Pro Plan
Get shortlisted for a Product Partnership Wildcard

The Rules
1. Connect your OKX account to your Trading View account.
2. Post your best crypto trade idea with the OKXIDEAS tag.
IMPORTANT: make sure you use an OKX price feed, e.g. or your idea will not be eligible to win the prizes.
3. Your idea's time horizon can be anything from one week all the way up to several years in duration. Be sure to respect TradingView's House Rules and add a solid description that explains the reasoning behind your idea.
4. Once you have published your idea, it's time to make people notice it! Share it on social media and make as many people engage with it as possible to increase its popularity on TradingView. Feel free to also update your idea whenever you want.

You can follow other submissions by searching TradingView for ideas with the OKXIDEAS tag.

Submissions close on May 11th at 10:00 am UTC. Winners will be selected within 14 days after the contest ends and we will reach out to the 10 lucky ones via direct message on TradingView.

We will be judging ideas based on three criteria: popularity, the quality of the idea/explanation, and conformity with the campaign rules.

Only one entry per user - if you post multiple ideas from your account, or through multiple accounts, only the highest ranking one will be considered!

Let's see your crypto trading ideas go viral!

OKX Team.
The competition has officially ended - Thanks to everyone who participated!

We will be reaching out to winners individually via direct message during the coming week.

Make sure to watch this space for more contests!

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