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Intraday trading involves buying and selling options within the same trading day, rather than holding them for an extended period. By adopting this approach, traders can make profits by capitalizing on the short-term price movements of the underlying asset.22-Apr-2023

Is option buying good for intraday?
Trading intraday options can be a great way to benefit from short-term market fluctuations and make quick money. Before you dive headfirst into the fast-paced world of intraday options, it's important to have a sound strategy with an understanding of risks and rewards.

The long black candlestick is 'the mother' and the small candlestick is 'the baby'. The smaller the second candlestick, the stronger is the reversal signal. The shadows of the second candlestick do not have to be contained within the first candle's body.

Which candle is best for option trading?

Here are the top 5 candlestick patterns that traders must know:
Doji. The Doji pattern is formed when the Open Price and Close Prices are the same or almost the same, and there is Low and High Price, so the candle has nearly nobody with a lower and upper wick. ...
Hanging Man. ...
Hammer. ...
Morning Star and Evening Star.

Technical analysis and options trading can go hand in hand. Many of the best practices for options trading come directly from technical analysis concepts. Technical analysis focuses on price. Fundamental analysis does not solely focus on price.

RBI Forex Reserve Grow is this Good or Bad ?

1st 140 Billion loss hua hai or ab 20 Billion Grow hua hai to hai to abi bhi loss mai

Gover..t abi losss mai hai
Trade closed: target reached

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