WD Gann - A mysterious history!!!

WD Gann was a great trader in wall street during the earlier decade of 20th century. What differentiated him from other traders was his knowledge on geometry, ancient mathematics, astronomy, astrology and the way he applied these in his analysis for trading. When other traders are effiecient in finding stock momemnts, he was good in finding the movement of stock combined with time. That is he can tell when a stock will reach a particular price.
He used various tools like Gann angle, Gann fan , Gann grid lines and cardinal squares. Is it possible to analyse like him? Well, it is possible if you ave the required will power. Infact anything is possible with will power and hard work. This is an introduction post about Gann . And more post about Gann is coming soon. Stay tuned with me in trading view!!!
Comment: No more further posts about Gann as there seems no interest among readers!
Comment: Gann's tool are designed in such a way that when you apply it together, prediction about movement & time becomes 90% accurate. Most of the people dont know how to combine these to get the required result.
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Oh come on, name some books to read, your 100 post will be not able to give enough information on him.
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vanathi yogi_sharma_elliottician
@yogi_sharma_elliottician, In that case you can write :)
Hiten512 vanathi
@vanathi, huh...nice one!
vanathi Hiten512
@Hiten512, haha thanks!
If Gann would have been alive now then he would have modified his tools time to time because market changed , new patterns emerged as people accustomed to new century. Legends like Gann and Elliot are the inspiration for many to developed passion in trading. Thanks for reminding him.
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vanathi siddhu236
@siddhu236, You are welcome :)
Gann was the greatest trader of all times. He had unbeatable success rate in trading. He developed tools ranging from simplest to the complex. No doubt he was good at his work.

But after Gann no one has been able to utilize his tools with utmost accuracy and efficiency. May be his theory is yet to be understood properly. Any effort in that direction should be appreciated.

My personal opinion is that once a trader realizes that trading is a game of probabilities, he can make money both with complex tools and simpler ones.

I prefer simple ones, be it 20 ema or 45 degree gann line.
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vanathi Bravetotrade
@Bravetotrade, 45 degree gann line has steady move when a stock move along with it. Gann's passion towards trading made him to apply his knowledge(maths, geometry, astronomy, astrology etc) in trading. If a person is more passionate about trading, compared to him, then chances are there to break his success rate record. Otherwise Gann's work will remain as history with out any one decoding his work.
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siddhu236 vanathi
@vanathi, Sadly true....without followers all his research and talent would go vain but I'm sure there are few who is doing that.
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@Bravetotrade, Nice!