In this current market, Concor seems to be the goos trade in the coming days.
Fib retracement 50% support playing good Support for the stock DOJI formation at the bottom can be a reversal signal.
Don't be in hurry to trade SL can be 652 on closing Basis
Targets can be 700 and 730 for swing.
Buy Aug month contract for a good move.
Just like Wipro , good returns are expected from the stock Grandfather, Father, and son strategy.
If you have not seen This strategy watch my Wipro IDEA shared on Tradin View Results can furious.
Buy on dip here on the stock.
Comment: Stock Is consolidating and can bounce back from 950 level keep watching buy only near the support area for a good risk-reward ratio and candle confirmation is needed to enter in trade which is still missing on a chart. Wait for good green candle
Comment: SL triggered exit at price stock is able to perform even after the good results.


How did you find morning star pattern
Pro_Trader_GRV hetshah128
@hetshah128, It might not look like Bookish Morning star but a gap-up opening was needed in the morning star. There are different types of moring stars like abandoned baby morning star Doji morning star and so on. Just like M and W patterns have 16 variations. Even When I was sharing That idea the green candle was stronger and now it's ended a bit lower than expected tomorrow's movement needs to be confirmations so wait and watch the situation. 650 can act as good support from here.
hetshah128 Pro_Trader_GRV
@Pro_Trader_GRV, Sir I want to ask you whether there is some screener for it to find such pattern if yes than where we will get and how to put it?
Pro_Trader_GRV hetshah128
@hetshah128, For Chart pattern no screener is there You can subscribe to the Stock edge they update aftermarket all candlestick patterns. For indicator scanners, you can use Chart Ink which is free.