Dr Reddy's Lab Analysis

One of the most Lagard stock in the market. gave a 100+% returns in 6 months after the crash but after than its been a year there's absolutely no returns/ disappointing returns, Often rising up in intraday and falls back after some time. Being a Pharma Stock, this one underperformed too much. anyways
very good support at 4400, absolute support at 4000-4040. it is gonna take really long time to see good returns from this stock. This stock is best for swing and intraday trading, even Shorting.
DRL couldn't even recover from the huge intraday fall, for the last 2 months.
if it sustains above 5000 can expect good short term returns.
P.S: It won't happen any sooner, the stock has given Head and Shoulder pattern, Bearish mode continues.
Investors, if you're in profit, Book as soon as possible.
Comment: Bearish mode continues
Comment: Still bearish
Comment: Oh god still on Bearish mode
Comment: Still bearish. but there was a chance to buy at absolute support 4400-4040. 10% up from level !!