Posting it because of High Demand

Well Many claim they are Wave Analyst , or Elliott wave Analyst , but fail to understand where the trend terminated

This post i am posting because of High demand in PM , I have received more than 40 Messages asking for this scrip

Well our Trading members are already in it and having a Good Income Generation , Most of you might be thinking to buy or sell now ,

I am looking this will continue to move up and tag the all time high before any decision of change in the trend ,

Those who messaged me about put options , or selling short in Futures , watch out , its move ahead

As Per wave theory it has completed 3 wave move and now its heading for one more impulse leg up ( pre- definition )

Good luck
Trade active
Comment: Friends this is weekly outlook after closing ,
You can look and get the conclusion of market moment and strength of continuation
Comment: we booked our futures today , we are waiting to see weather it will enter in side way correction small pattern before making an upside move
Comment: We booked our cash holding @ EOD today