Huge opportunity on Ethereum.

BINANCE:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / TetherUS
Reasons why I'm bullish:

- All of the daily Moving Averages are pointing up, meaning that the prince is tending to go up.
- ETH went up for 13 consecutive days, we need a pullback to keep going up.
- The daily RSI showed that ETH was overbought for the first time after 13 days (Good sign for a pullback).
- We have a nice and clean Double Bottom on the daily chart .
- The (0.382) Fibonacci Retracement is extremely close to our zone of action in our double bottom and the (0.5) Fibonacci is right on a previous support area .

MY BUY ZONE is between:
$2198 - $2400

1- $2900 (~29%)
2- $3160 (~40%)
3- $3440 (~53%)

MY Stop Loss is:
$1800 (-20%)

Always do your own research before getting in a trade, you always need to know the WHY and WHEN to entry and exit all your trades.


This is not financial advise, this post is for educational purposes only.