Granules india Long range Share analysis

i have done in depth analysis of Granules India daily chart. Hope you like it. Kindly press like button if you do. Thank you.
1. Granules daily chart since March 2022 is presented here.
2. Granules display a classic double bottom double top pattern, indicated by the letter W.
3. on the downside, it took 23 bars, or 36 days, to go from a high of Rs.327 to 237, a fall of 90 points.
4. while on the upside, the stock took its time. it took 39 bars or 57 days, to go from a low of Rs.230 (second bottom) to a high of 320, a gain of 90 points exact.
5. this shows that the Earth's GRAVITY affects the stock price as much as it affects the flying of an airplane!
6. the details are further analyzed by using Fixed Range Volume Profile.
7. Analyzing the downward Leg First, POC (blue line, where most of the volume happens, is near the VAH (Purple line), which indicated most of the selling happened at high prices. The POC is at 300, whereas low is 237. So smart money already knew that the price is going to go down and so sold at higher prices, and may have re-purchased at the bottom. between Rs. 300 to 280, on the downside, about 4.2 million shares were sold, while from Rs.261 till 230, only about 1.2 million shares were sold, indicating maybe retail participants selling.
8. Analyzing upward leg, POC (purple line) is near its VAL (red line) indicating people bought at lower prices. buying by smart money happened between 248 and 264, where almost 1 million shares bought between those prices. this is indicated by high marubozu type daily candles from Rs.245 till Rs.275.almost 4 million shares were bought by smart money till 278.
9. as soon as smart money has enough shares, we can see a solid green daily candle where in one day, the price was increased from 275 to 296, a whopping 6.3%! (11 july 2022). this piqued interest of retail traders and at 303, highest volume traded where 6.17 million shares were bought.
10. this was my humble attempt to get a peek inside the smart money brains and how they think and operate. on an average of 4 million shares, smart money people may have made a a lot of money only in a manner of 120 days. this is just one scrip.
11. I think FRVP is a very useful tool in determining the direction of the smart money.

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