HDIL - Bullish Reversal In Play

It has been observed that the price action firstly breaking above the downward channel and now initiating to form a higher high and higher low sequence indicating a reversal in the price action.

As per my analysis, price action shall further move up to the below targets.
T1- 45
T2- 47
SL- 40



Hi Sir,
I would like to join in ur Pay channel.
Please share ur link
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Again your trade failed ? ha ha
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Your charts have good clarity and explanation. But why so few posts. After Mar 21, it is on April 10 and nothing since then.
Dear sir,
Is this trade still active ?
NeeteshJain looqman89
@looqman89, Sir it supposed to active once the price action closes above 43 levels but it did not happen as the price action consolidated and went down to complete a double bottom pattern. Thanks
looqman89 NeeteshJain
@NeeteshJain, dear sir,
thanks for your valuable comment
Sir, please give tips on fundamentally good stocks as you usually do. So, even if it goes below, we would have hope that it will rebound any ways after sometime like recltd and few others.. Thanks for your tips.
@RajKA, Sure, I understand. I shall take care of it for future posts.

Currently in HDIL, the price action consolidating and forming a double bottom, it shall rebound at previous support. Overall, the company's fundamentals are decent and not that great. But it has a good value gap between its book value and company trading price which can assure a good rebound in this stock. Thanks