One can look for Going long on Full Size Green Candle daily , or Brake of Friday high with Strong close this will be short lived as its in complex correction ,
The scrip has moved 5 impulse wave down form its recent All time high , and its in 5th wave ,
5th wave is sub divided in to 3 sub waves where Wave A is extensively long by price %
after a sharp pull back as Sub wave of B wave (a) it was in 3 wave form on internal structure
and now its ending its momentum completing its (b) of B wave and ready to move for
(c) of B wave , once it completes its structure we can call it as Regular flat ( Identity - Inclined) we can expect a last push
towards 2450 before resuming an Bullish Trend for up side
Till then one can look for trading with this range with pre-defined stops
Trade active
Comment: from 2555 to 2637 ,

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