HFCL Channel Breakout!!! 10% Return

The stock looks good for a 10% swing trade with volume support.
Buy at 29. Risky traders can buy at 28.50.
Target 32/34.
Note: All levels only for educational purpose.
Trade active: Towards Target!!! _/\_
Kindly Support!!!
Comment: Target 1 reached!!!
10.35% return in 11 days!!! _/\_
Hope those who have taken the trade are happy!!!
Safe traders can exit at Target 2-Rs.34. If it sustains and breaks Rs.35, then the upside is unlimited!!!
Kindly show your support!!!
Comment: Target 2 reached!!!
17.24% return in 13 days!!!
I am not closing the trade since there could be more upside if it breaks 35. Safe traders can exit now!!!
Comment: It's been a month and return as of now is 74.65%!!!
Looks strong, so hold!!!
Thank You!!!_/\_
Trade closed: target reached