Small Bullish Gartley Scalp

Notes on the chart.
Comment: No buying opportunity but a sharp bounce to the levels :)
Comment: My buy limit order was missed by just one tick but I am glad that analysis was correct. First target was hit painlessly and the second just missed.

Had anybody hopped onto the trade in the morning ?


Bravetotrade AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, Thanks for the complement. Sometimes these patterns lead to sharp moves, taking away the chance to participate.
No but got idea that can have this pattern on 15 Min chart also 👍
Was thinking 🤔 how you track even 15 min for BAT pattern
Bravetotrade Vinitpowar
@Vinitpowar, There are patterns all over the places on all time frames but its upon us which one to take and is the risk reward favorable. Normally, there are smaller patterns within a larger range or pattern. One just have to notice.

But there is a caution that these patterns do not work all the time. Volatility, like these days, kills the patterns and takes stops. So one has to be careful, esp. about risk-reward.