risk: Reward ratio is 1: 2
Rest as per Charts
Note -
One of the best forms of Price Action is to not try to predict at all. Instead of that, ACT on the price. So, this chart tells “where” to act in “what direction. Unless it triggers, like, let’s say the candle doesn’t break the level which says “Buy/Sell if it breaks”, You should not buy/sell at all.
I use shorthands for my trades.
“Positional” - means You can carry these positions and I do not see sharp volatility ahead.
“Intraday” -means You must close this position at any cost by the end of the day.
Always follow a stop loss.
In the case of Intraday trades, it is mostly the “Low/High of the Candle”.
In the case of Positional trades, it is mostly the previous swings

Trade active
Trade active: 1:2. received
Trail SL to entry
Trade active: 1:3 risk: Reward ratio received
Trail SL to 549.1 which is also our 1:2
Trade active: 1:4 risk: Reward ratio received
Trail SL to 560 which is also our 1:3
Trade closed: target reached: TSL hit at 560
Exited the trade with 1:3 risk: Reward ratio