Long after Brake out & Retest

shiv2798 Updated   
As it is the correction is completed based on HTF , and now they have to make an indication weather they would like to Jump out form this Correction or would like to continue for few more points before turning ,
its tricky part because Correction is completed but company is facing Raw Material supply issue and other Fundamental compliance
One can Look for Price to Brake out form current structure and give retest of Brake out , and can look for entering long for Long term holding
Stop i would suggest brake out candle low
Comment: Making a new low does not change the fore cast , its still has to come out form this low and have to start towards New Higher high
Comment: Well Yesterday my update has Clearly understood by everyone now , Market moves some time beyond the levels where not is expecting to move , it moves because not is expecting and it bounces because not is expecting , market movers always tend to do things or move price where everyone is thinking other way , and they make surprise , that is the reason every one say nobody can say where is the bottom and where is the top , But if you have knowledge , you can understand or you can expect the reversal near the possible area , and you can take better entry when price turns around , Professional know how to trade this , retail traders can wait for pull back once it brakes the Down ward trend line
Comment: ignore my spelling error , my long standing practice in Russian language puts me in some trouble while updating in English
Comment: Made a retest , Now its difficult , because the retest sign is not correct , it will be in this Zone before making a move , Good advise it stay away form it now

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