Indian Bank- Good Accumulation

Hello All,
Yesterday I posted about how I am able to see a upside in PSU BANKS Index (I have attached the link of that article below). I asked you all to reflect on it and prepare a list of the stocks which can be the early leaders in this sector.

I personally find Indian Bank's setup really convincing. Stock is forming a VCP pattern on the Weekly chart and looks ready to explode. A lot of accumulation can be seen during this period (just look at the height of volume bars). The quantity delivered during the high volume days is also good.

Since it's a weekly chart the SL should be a bit long but so is the Target.
SL can be kept around previous pull back level of around 120 while the first target expectation can be around 200.

Happy Trading! :)
Trade active: Hello all,
The stock has already given around 12% since the day I posted. Just wanted to update you all that the trade is still active, do not get worried about the whipsaws in between :)