Indigo - Interglobe Aviation

So usually airlines are the worst stocks to invest in, we all have seen the Billionaire meme, how to become a millionaire? Be a Billionaire and buy an airlines company. he he..

Anyway. So, I observed that Indigo has fallen quite a lot. Also, its exactly at the support. there were interestingly two supports, one blue line which is the Corona Times channel and the other on is usual stock rebound support.

I was confident that since Airline travel is picking up and people with double vaccination are not required to get RTPCR reports, now is the best time to enter indigo. For swing only please. The red line and above is a very good first target.

*Disclaimer - This is for learning and understanding of charts purposes only. Please consult a stock market registered expert before putting in your hard-earned money :) ...
Trade closed: target reached: Moved perfectly as predicted.


You helped me make some moolah. Thanks sir!
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Nice reco, 👍
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