Price : Powered by fundamentals, Driven by emotions

Infy has made a FC bar on day before yesterday which will be confirmed by Monday's candle if it doesn't break FC 's high. Black line shows the slope of trend which was verified to the past support and resistance. FC bar shows the short squeeze (SLBM ) has happened along with equity transferred from strong hands to weak hands at higher level. Consider the closing of FC bar which is near to the low. Volume on the candle tells the story. Next day's candle was largely within the bar. It looks like the appetite of buyers have been fulfilled. Now, high of the FC bar is SL to short on break of coming Monday's low, trade to be done on Tuesday. I would take some bit of risk and go short near the mid zone (924-932) of Fractal candle and will keep stop loss at 985 for target of 790. It's high risk trade because in carry over trade market may open gap up with with margin. I will give some cover to my future short position by buying CE of 980 or 1000 strike price . This way I will be hedged to some extent, not completely. High risk : High Return game