IRCTC - 1st Halt ( Amazing Journey 625 to 980) - What Next ?

Trading Strategy

Scenario 1-

Holding above 920
Part A:
Expect upside push to 980-1000 zone

Part B:
Selling if fails to cross 1000 or crosses 1000 falls immediately then expect 920 / 850 /700

Scenario 2 -

Strictly Holding above 1000 for extreme bullish scenario- Expect 1500 -1600 Target zone. Failing to hold 1000 post crossing above becomes "Part B - Scenario 1" as mentioned above.

Thanks for all support

Wish All of You A Happy, Prosperous & Terrific 2020 !!!
Trade active: 12:59 Hrs / 6th Jan 2020

Last Price@902

Below 920 - Stock puked but as Index looks to bounce (holding 11980-12000 zone for 12050/12100 next) - IRCTC can also bounce holding 900 & above - don't buy if fails to hold above 900.
Trade active: 19:31 Hrs / 6th Jan 2020

Last Price@ 895

It's not easy trading here for the stock & shall do all choppy moves -going up & down several times.

One can look to sell if bounces upside close to 910 from short term Trading point of view &

If you want to pick this stock as part of portfolio then best rates shall be 850-860 or below 850 -It shall be 700-725 only. Thanks
Trade active: 10:24 Hrs / 7th Jan 2020

Last Price@912

Trading point of view - Kindly hold & avoid any sell positions at present which was suggested yesterday at 902 - Unfortunately our stop was taken for 2/3 points

This was the most trickiest session from 6th to 7th Jan 2020 as all bears got trapped but I suggested we are expecting this bounce in Nifty sooner or later -rest all is history.
Trade active: 09:20 Hrs / 15th Jan 2020

Last Price @980

This is the reason - why I suggested -------avoid selling IRCTC as it moves above 902 - Wow -------It made new high at 984

Forms Double Top at 980-985 zone - Traders should buy only above 985 or stock may fall
Only Risky Traders call as they lose 4-5 points but strict stops above 985
Trade closed manually: 14:47 Hrs / 4th Feb 2020

Last price @1375

Crosses Double Top @ 985 - Starts A New Journey for 1375

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